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What is the schedule for the one day riders?

Friday, August 25th:
  • 10am: Packet Pick-up starts at Kennedy Park in Kenosha (4051 5th Avenue). Begin boarding motor coaches and loading bikes. Overnight parking available in fields just north of packet pick-up. Food available for purchase.
  • Noon: Buses leave Kenosha for Dubuque. (Bring your overnight backpack on the bus)
  • 4pm: Buses anticipated arrival in Dubuque at the Five Flags Center (405 Main Street), unload bikes, head to hotels.
  • 5pm: Packet pick-up at Five Flags for those who did not pick up in Kenosha. Ends at 8:30 at the conclusion of the Jens Voigt talk.
  • 6-7pm: Pasta buffet for those who purchased tickets with VIP seating.
  • 7:30-8:30: Program and Jens Voigt talk. Doors open at 7pm for those who will be attending the program/talk only.
Saturday, August 26th:
  • 6:22am: Sunrise
  • 6:00am: Official scheduled start of RAW. (Time may change due to weather conditions and will be announced Friday night. Breakfast burritos will be available for riders only starting by 5am)
  • 11am: Overnight bag pick-up starts for Two-Day riders in Beloit, Riverside Park.
    - 3pm: Cut off time for One-Day riders passing Beloit.
  • 6pm: Cut off time for Bohner Lake rest stop.
  • 2pm-10pm: Kenosha Finish Party at Simmons Island Beach Park, Finishers Gifts, bag pick-up for One-Day riders.
Sunday, August 27th:
  • 6:16am: Sunrise
  • 8:00am: Two-Day Ride group start at Fruzen Intermediate School (2600 Milwaukee Road, Beloit)
  • 11am-4pm: Kenosha Finish Party at Simmons Island Beach Park, Finisher Gifts, bag pick-up for Two-Day riders.

Is there a cut-off time?

Sunset in Kenosha on Saturday is 7:35 pm. Last year we asked a few riders to get into the sag vehicle at 8:30 pm as they were still more than 2 hours from the finish in Kenosha. They all agreed to do so. We won’t force anyone to get in the sag but will not keep ride support on the road after 9pm. Any riders refusing a lift to the finish will be riding on their own.

What will be served at the Rest Stops?

Rest stops are either Basic or Full. Basic stops include mechanical support, portable restrooms, and nutrition consisting of bars, gels, electrolyte drinks, water, fruit and small snacks. The rest stops in Monroe and Beloit will also have a catered lunch. This will include local food hosted by Award-winning Roth Cheese in Monroe, for those who love taking a culinary leap. Farm to table food prepared by Chef Peter Sandroni of La Merenda and Engine Company 3 will be catered in Beloit. Lunch for Two-Day riders will be in Monroe and lunch for One-Day riders will be in Beloit. Beloit will feature a new menu including chicken pistou wraps, quinoa and potato salads, as well as vegan minestrone soup. We will also have vegetarian and Gluten Free options available at both lunch stops. More details on the menus for both lunch stops to come!

What is for dinner?

In Beloit dinner is on your own for Two-Day riders. We will be providing a list of nearby restaurants within walking distance of the host hotels.

In Kenosha, we are adding more options for the finish party. Derango’s, the Pizza King of Kenosha will again be serving pizza’s, Philly beef sandwiches, Italian sausage bombers and soft pretzels in addition to soda and water. We will be adding other vendors to lessen some of the lines that we had last year so stay tuned! And, of course, Public Craft Brewery will be on hand to serve their local craft beers.

How far apart are the rest stops?

You can also find these on the map. New for 2017, everyone loves riding RAW, but we are making a few enhancements to last year’s route. As updates are made we will be posting on the RAW website.

  • New Diggings (25 mi), basic, staffed 7:00am-9:30am.
  • Holland Farm (42 mi), basic, staffed 7:30am-10:30am
  • Monroe (66 mi), full, staffed 9:00am-12:30pm
  • Avon, basic, staffed 9:30am-1:00pm
  • Beloit (104 mi), full, staffed 11:00am-3:00pm
  • Walworth (129), basic, staffed 11:30am-5:00pm
  • Bohner Lake (155 mi) basic, staffed 12:30pm-7:00pm
  • Kenosha Finish (175 mi), full staffed 2pm-10pm

Rest stop staffing times are based on riders averaging between 12mph to 20+mph, including rest stops. Ideally people who sign up should be able to average 15mph, including stops. That is pretty doable if riding in a group. Anyone not able to average 12mph will be sagged or told they are riding without support.

Sunday Rest Stops:

  • Walworth (25 mi), basic, staffed 9:00am-11:am
  • Bohner Lake (51 mi) basic, staffed 10:00am-12:30pm
  • Kenosha Finish (75 mi), full staffed 11:00am-4:00pm

Is there a registration cap?

Yes, we are closing registration at 1,200. Last year nearly 900 riders registered, up from 480 the first year. We anticipate continued growth, but want to make sure we don’t grow too fast and can put on another fun, safe ride so we plan to cap the ride at 1,200.

How long will it take me to finish?

How fast can you ride 175 miles? If you have no idea, you might want to register for the two-day option. Last year the fastest group finished a little over 8 hours and the last rider crossed the line in about 14 hours. If you are worried about finishing in one day, just do the two-day option.

Is this a race?

No, this is a long, hard ride, but not a race. Bragging rights are that you finished. Expect to ride at a brisk, but conversational pace, and everyone will follow all the rules of the road at all times.

Will there be timing? Where can I find my results?

Remember, this is not a race. Timing chips will be used for accountability sake and we will not be posting finish times. This is a long ride. If you want to know how long it takes you, look at your watch, phone bike computer, etc.

Will the roads be closed to motor vehicle traffic?

No, riders must follow all rules of the road. We expect all riders to be “roll models” and ambassadors for cycling.

Can I end my ride in Beloit?

Sure, but we do not have a discounted rate for “Half RAW”. We don’t have transportation options to or from Beloit either, but you can arrange that on your own if you want.

Can I start my ride in Beloit?

See above.

Can I leave early to get a head start?

We prefer that you do not as we do cross the HWY61/151 bridge out of Dubuque to get over the Mississippi River. That bridge has rumble strips on the shoulder and we only have police leading us over that for the official start.

How do I get back from Kenosha if I live in Dubuque?

We don't have transportation options for getting back to Dubuque from Kenosha at this time.

What's so special about RAW?

The goal of RAW is to put on a high quality, unique “coast-to-coast” ride across the state of Wisconsin. We offer some of the best ride support, food and beverages you will find on any organized ride of this size and distance. We feel our ride is a good value compared to similar rides in Wisconsin and across the country.

If I choose the two-day option, will you transport my baggage to and from Beloit?

Yes, baggage transport to and from Beloit is included with your registration fee.

What should I bring?

Bring your bike and gear of course, casual wear for the Friday night talk and your jersey/shorts/riding apparel for your one or two-day ride. Everything you bring should fit into a backpack you can ride with if you are not staying at one of the downtown Dubuque host hotels. The other hotels in Dubuque are ½ to 5 miles away from the start and there are a limited number of taxis. You will probably need to ride with your stuff from the start area or the talk and back unless you are lucky enough to catch a cab. You will also need to ride to the start on ride morning Saturday. You will also want to bring the sport nutritional products that you want to start the ride with. We will have a limited amount of product available at the start on both Saturday and Sunday.

What is the bag drop add-on?

This extra service is for One-Day riders. Some people like to change jersey and shorts halfway or want some special nutrition on the ride, so for an extra fee, we will bring your “special needs” bag to Beloit and have it waiting for you at the rest stop. Again, this needs to be a small bag.

Where can I Sleep?

See our Transportation & Lodging page.


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